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Learning about the Holy Spirit

April 20 2018
April 20 2018


Come worship with us at the Vineyard City Church of Redding, and chances are you’ll hear someone, at some point, pray these words: “Come Holy Spirit, come.” It may well be that you’ve heard those words spoken before. Whether in church, in home groups, or other places where people of faith seek out the presence and the purposes of God. But who is this Holy Spirit that we invite into our midst? And why would we so value that presence in our sanctuaries, our homes, and our cities?

Over the past couple weeks and extending ahead through May, the Vineyard of Redding will be exploring the person, the purpose, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit as seen throughout the scriptures and in our daily lives. This series of messages will take us through each of the following topics:

The person of the Holy Spirit (April 8)

Who is it whose presence we seek in places of worship, difficulty, and celebration? Who is it whose spirit is so often written of has having come upon a person in the Bible just before they embarked on a great adventure, spoke a powerful truth, stood up to crushing oppression, or ministered in remarkable ways to God’s people?

The purpose of the Holy Spirit (April 15)

It can be easy to think of the different parts of the Trinity as having different jobs. It’s a perfectly normal assumption to make within human context, though God is certainly not human. Even so, the scriptures speak of the Holy Spirit as having been and continuing to be responsible for critical elements of our walk with God on this earth.

The works of the Spirit: Pentecost (April 22)

It’s a great joy whenever we get a glimpse of God’s “Plan A” through the Bible. The Garden of Eden would be one of the most well-known examples, but so too is the story of Pentecost. “Wait” Jesus told his disciples, "Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift the Father promised, which you have heard Me discuss.”

The works of the Spirit: Acts (April 29)

The book is, among other things, a story of the beginning of the church of Christ in the days following his death and resurrection. And as we’ll have learned in the story of Pentecost, it began and continually unfolded within the context of the Holy Spirit and His work through and among Jesus’ followers.

Walking with the Spirit (May 6)

So what does this mean for you and I? What does the Holy Spirit look like today? How does one walk with, learn from, and grow in relationship with this person of the Trinity?

We hope to see you at the Vineyard City Church of Redding during the coming weeks as we explore the nature and nurturing presence of the one the Bible speaks of as our Helper, our Counselor, and the Spirit of Truth.


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