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Jaren DeAsis

Jaren DeAsis

Worship Leader
Jaren DeAsis

I was born and raised in the Philippines. First time I ever touched a guitar was at 9 years old. I only got to touch a guitar once a week, but I never wasted any second of it. I always came home with a new song. That’s how my passion for music started.This passion developed into something more than just playing music. I wanted to use that passion to serve God with all that I have.  Being a pastor’s kid, I easily got involved in the worship team, and other worship teams as my family moved to United States in 2001 where I met Justine who is now my wife.
As I served in the church, I sensed God wanting me to learn more about the ministry. I decided to attend Simpson University in Redding California in fall of 2008. After a year of visiting churches looking around for a home church, I found a hidden gem when I attended Vineyard City Church in 2009. 
Worship is giving the entirety of who we are to God. Not just our weekend, not just our skills and talents, not just the ones we wanted to give. We give our whole selves. We give our faults, our mess ups, our weaknesses... all of it, we give it all to God. And as a worship team, it is our job to create a space where people can experience God and bring all of who they are to him.
Justine and I are a ‘foodies.’ So if there are any new restaurants in town, you will probably see us there, or we will probably be in our favorite spot in town, Thai Hut! 
Justine and I have two children—Jacquelyn Belle and Jadyn Noelle. But if you want to meet the rest of my family, you’ll have to meet them at Vineyard City Church. Because this church is not just a church, this is our family!